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27 November 2023   Monday

Doing it all for George...

The deepest reason I'm presently doing all this work is to someday soon sell my artworks for large sums of money. Essentially, the artwork is all I have to offer, and it is only large sums of money that would allow me to pay for proper long term care for my brother.

Even with the almost daily health assistance my brother receives, I am finding it increasingly difficult to carry the overall 24/7 caretaking burden myself. So, for example, to place my brother in the same nursing facility where our mother was, I'd have to put out $250,000 right up front (since my brother has no assets of his own), or, for me to set my brother up within a fully staffed live-at-home environment would probably cost me something like $500,000 a year. Of course, the last thing I ever want to do is make George a ward of the state.

It was sometime in the 1990s when I first heard of the link between parental malnutrition and the risk of potential schizophrenic offspring--my brother, a smart, athletic, good-looking youth, snapped into schizophrenia early summer 1976 at age 23. Since hearing of the link between parental malnutrition and schizophrenia, I've often wondered whether, and now more or less convinced that, my parents and myself have, since 1976, been taking care of yet another victim of a Soviet forced-labor concentration camp in southern Ukraine 1945-1949.

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