450 BC

Calamis (Kalamis) of Athens
Calamis was a Greek sculptor of the first half of the fifth century B.C. His work is known only by the description of classic authors. It was undoubtedly archaic in style and characterized by great refinement. The base of a statue of Aphrodite by Calamis has been found on the Acropolis at Athens. This Aphrodite was undoubtedly identical with the Sosandra so highly praised by Lucian.

Callimachos (Kallimachos)
Kallimachos was a younger contemporary of
Phidias who is usually associated with Calamis on account of the grace and delicacy of his style. He was chiefly noted for the beauty of his decorative work. He made for the Erectheum at Athens a bronze lamp, which was kept always lighted, and a golden palm tree. Vitruvius (IV., 1, 9) credits him with the invention of the Corinthian Capital.

According to Pausanias, Libon, a local architect, built the temple of Zeus at Olympia. It is not known precisely at what time this work was done.




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