17 January

1431 birth of Antonio di Jacopo Benci

1736 death of Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann

1886 death of Paul Jacques Aimé Baudry

ideas [about scale]
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scale conversions
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Piranesian gigantism
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metabolic buildings
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Saarinen, Kahn and the Use of History
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Re: architecting
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Style Again
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1606 years ago today (in Milan)
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more on Ambrose and Theodosius, etc.
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Minimalism in Architecture
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CONTOURS: The Divisions that Bind Us
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990117a Mayor's House, model   2269i01
99011701 Mayor's House, axonometric   3392ei01

Saarinen, Kahn and the Use of History
The other place in Rome that opened my eyes was the spiral entry ramp of the Vatican Museum. How come no one ever acknowledges that that spiral ramp and the skylight above it is exactly what Frank Lloyd Wright copied (or should I be kind and say reenacted?) when he did the Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue? Wright's Guggenheim is certainly creative, but it is not all that original.
What I like best so far about investigating reenactment in architecture, it the search for origins, that which is being reenacted, because it's in the origins that true originality resides. Kahn himself said he wished he could write 'Volume 0'. I'm not going to say that I too want to write 'Volume 0', but I do have real faith in its existence.

2000.01.17 13:18
Re: architecting
Did I really say "it is only the present that brings time out of inertia"?

10011701 ICM, Horti Argiani, etc.

2012.01.17 11:41
CONTOURS: The Divisions that Bind Us
What exactly are the indicators that "increas[ing] the value (in all senses) of architecture within the general culture" will indeed lead to architects being paid better?
It seems to me that you're presenting a solution to the problem of architect's low pay that is based on an assumption that lacks any real backing.

2012.01.17 14:32
CONTOURS: The Divisions that Bind Us
...the heart of the issue here is that you are still offering a solution that has no basis. How exactly can you substantiate "If the public did value architecture more, the way they value law and other services, then architecture could command higher fees without causing protest."?
The problem here is not about some imagined polarization between the public and architects, rather it is the (still) fictional notion that a-somehow-newly-engaged-public is going to raise architectural fees.
A new public that comes to value architecture more highly does not at the same time mean that this same new public then has more money in its pockets to spend on architecture or even that they then want to spend what money they have on architecture.
It looks to me that the real elephant in the room is that engaging general culture/the public is not a solution to putting more money into the architecture field.

13011701 IQ11, Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum, Danteum, Basilica Maxentius/Constantine

15011701 IQ06 model (complete so far)




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