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[architecture opted otherwise]

[architecture opted otherwise]
1998.11.15 21:03

I will soon offer a whole slew of new architectural concepts derived from my writing of The Timepiece of Humanity, starting with the word chronosomatics: the interrelationship of time and the human body. From there I will propose the largely unprecedented concepts of:

extremity architecture (the Pyramids, Stonehenge, anything pre 550 BC)

architecture of fertility [and pregnancy] (the Romans and the Subcontinentals more or less lead the world here)

assimilating architecture (from absorption to purge)

metabolic architecture (which centers on anabolism and catabolism, the creative and destructive operations of metabolism)

osmotic architecture (exchange and equilibrium - outside/inside)

electro-magnetic architecture (i.e., architecture of light)

and ultimately, architecture of all high frequencies (and even I don't know what that is exactly, but it's out there mostly in the far, far future)



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