crypt below the Baltimore Cathedral    

...and speaking of random tangents
2007.03.10 20:42

Never in the crypt. Only once upstairs, one afternoon in April 1997. The Ionic columns of the portico stuck me, as did the ceiling inside. Strong stuff.

Nice image. Thanks for sharing. Say more if you like. I'm all ears.

I'm quickly becoming fascinated by the man, his work, and his career. This interest started because every time I now walk to the mail box up the corner, I just may be walking past the location of one of Latrobe's more obscure works, (although that crypt looks just as obscure).

"In the summer of 1800, when the architect was away on his wedding trip, [John] Barber absconded, taking with him a considerable sum of money and all the most valuable office and personal papers."

Miers Fisher had Ury House renovated sometime after 1795. There's no doubt Miers Fisher and Latrobe knew [of] each other--they lived in the same exact neighborhood downtown.

"Miers Fisher built the parlors on the West side of the house and made extensive alterations and additions to Ury House and did much besides to improve the exterior of the house and unify the three distinct sections. To give uniformity of appearance to the facade, with its two original three story buildings on the East and center and its two story drawing room addition windows at the West of the entrance hall. These windows were the occasion of much merriment and many witticisms based on the absence of window glass, and the wags expressed constant surprise that a man so famous for his hospitality as Miers Fisher, should greet his guests with Champagne and no glasses."

And now I'm off to see The Last King of Scotland, yet I really want to see Teaching Mrs. Tingle, again.

"Please tell me that's Oscar on the phone."

And the John Barber Award for Architectural Deviance goes too...




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