Stephen Lauf, Museum Trip 2002.12.10 (digital image files of galleries within the Philadelphia Museum of Art displayed in the sequence that they were recorded).


Tapestry showing the Marriage of Constantine and Fausta
Wool and silk with gold and silver threads

Figural composition designed in 1622 by Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish (active Antwerp), born 1577, died 1640

Woven at the Comans-La Planche tapestry factory, Paris, in the workshop of Filippe MaŽcht and Hans Taye (Flemish)

This tapestry comes from the series known as "The History of Constantine the Great," seven of which were presented to Cardinal Crancesco Barberini by Louis XIII of France in 1625.

From: Stephen Lauf
To: Brian Carroll
Subject: think you'll like this
Date: 2002.12.11 13:30

Hi Brian,

Late yesterday afternoon I went the Philadelphia Museum of Art, specifically to photograph the Constantine tapestries in the Great Hall--for Christmas the PMA lights up the columns of the Great Hall, thus adding illumination to the tapestries. Since I got to the museum at 4:30 and it closes at 5:00 I only took pictures of The Marriage of Constantine and Fausta tapestry (for now). I then had about 20 minutes to take some more (random) pictures within other parts of the museum. I went to a gallery that last time I was there was under installation--alas it still is. This put me in a fortuitous direction because I then started to go through some galleries I really haven't been paying much attention to over the last few years. I made a "discovery" which then reminded me of other art I should be taking pictures of--this is the part I'm sure you will like. After the museum closed I went to the front courtyard and took pictures of the Duchamp gallery from outside, etc.



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