Half the fašade of the Palace of Theodoric at Ravenna.

Capitals from the fašade of the ancient palace of Theodoric.

View of the mountains of Terracina, the ancient Anxur, on the summit of which are seen the ruins of the Palace of Theodoric.

General elevation of the terrace walls of the Palace of Theodoric.
Plans of the substructures or terrace walls of the Palace of Theodoric.

Transverse section of the terrace walls of the Palace of Theodoric.
Elevation of one of the arches. The coins, imposts, and arches worked with care; the rest of the construction in rubble-work or opus incertum.

Plan and elevation of the square towers of the enclosure of Terracina, built by order of Theodoric.
Plan and elevation of a round tower, from the same.

Fašade of a Palace, said to have been built by Theodoric, as repesented in a mosaic of the Church of St. Apollinarius at Ravenna. Ciampini doubts this fact; but Zerandini, who gives this fašade with more detail and exactitude in his treatise Degli Antichi Edifizj profani di Ravenna, p. 117, is satisfied of it.




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