Isidorus of Miletus
He was employed with Anthemius of Tralles in the construction of the church of S. Sophia at Constantinople (532-537 A.D.). Another Isodorus of Miletus, probably his nephew, is mentioned by Procopius as engaged in erecting important works on the banks of the Euphrates.

Anthemius of Tralles
The pre-Justinian Church of Aya Sophia in Constantinople was burned January 15, 532 A.D. The work of reconstruction was begun February 23 of the same year, and the new building was dedicated December 26, 537, in the eleventh year of the reign of the Emperor Justinian (b. 483; d. 565). In the cited work of Procopius published about 558 or 559 it is stated that Anthemius of Tralles, the most skilful master of his time, prepared the models for this building. Associated with him was the architect Isidorus of Miletus.




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