Filippo da Campello
He built the upper church of S. Francesco at Assisi, finished in 1253.

Robert Grosseteste (Greathead)
Bishop of Lincoln; d. 1253.
Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, is supposed to have built, or to have caused to be built, the transept of the cathedral of Lincoln, England, to have completed the nave, and to have carried the central tower (rood tower) to the beginning of the upper story.

Plan of the lower church of St. Francis, at Assisi; 1228-53.
Plan of the upper part of the same.
Section of the upper and lower church.
Plan of one of the four pillars at the transept.
Plan of one of the pillars at the external angles of the transepts.
Detail of one of the pillars against the wall.
Part of the choir of the Church of St. Francis at Assisi.
Side of the same, showing the buttresses which resist the pressure of the arches of the nave.

Column from the upper church of St. Francis at Assisi.

Pedestals, bases, and capitals of the pillars of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.




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