Bernardo da Venezia
architect and sculptor.
He is described as tagliatore e magistro a lignamine, and was the favourite architect of Gian Galeazzo Sforza (d. 1402), Duke of Milan. Bernardo was the first architect of the Certosa at Pavía, His name appearing in a document dated a month before the first stone of that building was laid (August 27, 1396). He was frequently consulted during the construction of the cathedral of Milan (begun at the close of 1396). He built the castle of Pavia and the church of the Madonna del Carmine in Milan (1400).

Jehan Gili
Gili was chosen consul of the corporation of masons of Montpellier twenty-four times before 1396. The contract which he made for the portal of the monastery of S. Firmin is one of the most interesting documents in existence on the military architecture of the Middle Ages.




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