Filippino degli Organi (da Modena)
architect and sculptor; d. March, 1450.
Son of Andrea degli Organi. He is first mentioned in a letter of the Duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti, dated January 3, 1400. He was at this time appointed to a position on the force employed in the construction of the cathedral of Milan, and October 12, 1404, became a regular architect (ingegnere) under the direction of Marco da Carona. September 16, 1410, he served on the commission which determined the form of the vaulting and flying buttresses. The upper part of the cathedral was built from the drawings which he made at this time (secundum designamentum magistri Filippini). In 1417 Filippino became chief architect, and retained that position until 1448. He made the monument of Marco Carelli (now in the nave of the cathedral), probably with the assistance of Jacopino Tradate.




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