John Carpenter
bishop; b. 1399; d. 1476.
In the reign of Henry VI, John Carpenter, Bishop of Worcester, formerly president of Oriel College, was interested in the construction of S. Mary's church, Oxford, and was a principal benefactor of that work.

Jan van Ruijsbroeck
A Belgian architect of the fifteenth century who made the plans for the Stadhuis at Brussels. The first stone of this building was laid in 1444.

Elevation of the fašade of the Pitti palace at Florence, one of the most imposing productions of the genius of Brunelleschi, who raised it to the entablature of the first story only; the second story was added by Ammanati, when Cosma I, who bought this palace of the Pitti family in 1549, entrusted to him the continuation of the works; it was at this period also that the windows with consoles and pediments were placed within the arcades of the ground floor.




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