bell founder.
In 1461 he made the storm bell (Wetterglocke) of the cathedral of Strasburg. He appears in the records as bell-founder of the cathedral (Werks Glockengiesser). He is supposed to have refounded in 1458 the bell called Mutte, at the cathedral of Metz.

Anthoine Colas (Antoine)
Maître d'œuvre et expert juré of the city of Troyes. About 1461 he succeeded Simon Royer as maistre des maçons of the cathedral of Troyes, and undertook the decoration of the beautiful southern portal. In 1470-1473 he worked on the pillars and vaults of the nave.

Antonio di Matteo Gambarelli (Rossellino)
sculptor and architect; b. 1427; d. 1479.
Antonio was the youngest of five brothers Gambarelli who had a shop (botega) on the corner of the Via del Proconsolo in Florence. The others were Domenico (b. 1407), Bernardo, Giovanni (b. 1417, d. 1496), and Tommaso (b. 1422). His principal work, the monument of the Cardinal Jacopo of Portugal, in S. Miniato near Florence, was ordered in 1461. According to Vasari he built also the chapel in which it is placed. Antonio designed the tomb of the Duchess of Amalfi in the church of Monte Oliveto at Naples. He was assisted by Antonio Barocci da Milano on the tomb of Roverella in the church of S. Giorgio at Ferrara (finished 1475) and by Mino da Fiesole at Pistoia, which was begun by his brother Bernardo before his death.




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