Juan de Herrera
architect; b. about 1530.
The favourite architect of Philip II of Spain. He studied philosophy at Valladolid, Spain, and visited Brussels and later Italy. After the death of Juan de Toledo whose associate he was, he succeeded him as architect of the Escorial. He designed the church of the Escorial, the cathedral of Valladolid, and the bridge of Segovia. In 1597 he published illustrations of the Escorial engraved by Pedro Perret.

6. Plan of the portion of the Baths of Diocletian; Michael Angelo converted the principal hall into a church. by order of Pius IV, under the title of "Our Lady of the Angels," for the use of the Carthusians.
7. Longitudinal section of the principal hall of the Baths of Diocletian, and before it was converted into a church.
8. Plan of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, as it was altered in 1749 to the form of a cross.
9. Longitudinal section of the same in its present state.




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