Alonzo Cano
painter, architect, and sculptor; b. March 19, 1601 (at Granada); d. October 5, 1667.
He learned the elements of architecture from his father, Miguel Cano, and studied sculpture with Juan Martinez Montanes. His family having moved to Seville, he received instruction in painting from Juan del Castillo of that city and Francesco Pacheco. In 1628 he continued the construction of the retable of Lebrija begun by his father. In 1637 he went to Madrid to decorate the palace of the Duke of Olivarez. In 1650 he was employed on the cathedral of Toledo. Although Cano did not study in Italy, his work shows the influence of the Italian masters of the period.

John Webb
architect; b. 1611 (in London); d. October 24, 1672.
Webb was a nephew and pupil of Inigo Jones, whose only daughter he married. He carried out many buildings from Jones's designs.




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