Nicodemus Tessin (I)
Little is known of his life. He studied in Italy and in 1645 succeeded Simon de Lavallée as architect of the Swedish court. Among his principal works in Sweden are the palace of Drottningsholm, finished by his son, the royal villa of Stroemsholm, and the mausoleum of Charles Gustav.

Giacomo Torelli
painter and architect; b. 1608; d. 1678.
Torelli was especially associated with the rapid development of the construction and decoration of theaters and scene painting in the seventeenth century. He made improvements in his native city, Fano, In Italy, which were engraved and attracted much attention. He was called to Venice, and at the theater of SS. Giovanni e Paolo in that city invented a method of changing scenes which was universally adopted. Torelli was called to Paris by Louis XIV, and remained there until 1662. He arranged the theater of the Petit Bourbon. The Andromeda of Corneille was first placed upon the stage by him. Returning to Fano, he built the still existing Teatro della Fortuna.




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