Maximilien Brébion
architect; b. 1716; d. 1796.
Brébion won the grand prix d'architecture in 1740, and was admitted to the Académie d'Architecture in 1755. In 1781 he replaced Soufflot as architect of the Panthéon at Paris, and finished the cupola. He restored the Observatoire in Paris (1786), and built the vestibule of the Institut on the side of the Pont des Arts.

Friedrich August Krubsacius
architect; b. 1718, at Dresden; d. 1789.
He was educated under the architects Longuelune and Von Bodt. In 1776 he was appointed Oberhofbaumeister in Saxony and professor at the Academy of Arts in Dresden. He built the Schloss Otterwisch and the Steuerhaus in Dresden, and in 1740 published Betrachtung über dem Geschmack der Alten in der Baukunst.




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