Thomas Chippendale
cabinet maker and carver.
Chippendale was a native of Worcestershire (England). In 1752 he described himself as a cabinet maker and upholsterer in S. Martin's Lane (London). In 1752 he published the first edition of a book of his own designs entitled Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director. A second edition was published in 1759, and a third in 1762.

Francisco Zarcello y Alcarez
sculptor; b. May 21, 1707; d. March 2, 1781.
His father, Nicolas, also a sculptor, came from Capua (Italy) to Murcia (Spain) at the end of the seventeenth century. After making a statue for the Dominican church at Murcia, Francisco went to Rome to study. Returning to Spain, he made the statues of the Spanish kings which decorate to new palace, Madrid. He finally settled in Murcia, where he founded a school.




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