Jean Lamour
ironworker; b. 1698; d. 1771.
The name Lamour appears frequently in the accounts of Stanislas I (Leczinska), king of Poland and duke of Lorraine and Bar for the years 1757 and 1758. He built the great grilles (iron gateways) of the Place Royale at Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France.

Francisco Vergara (II)
sculptor; b. 1713 (in Spain); d. July 30, 1761.
A nephew and pupil of Francisco (I) Vergara of Valencia. He went to Madrid and made statues of S. Francisco de Paola and S. Antonio in the church of S. Ildefonso. Vergara went to Rome and entered the school of Filippo Valle. He executed statues and bas-reliefs for the altar of S. Julian in the cathedral of Cuença (Spain), which was designed by the architect Ventura Rodriguez. For the church of S. Peter's in Rome he made a statue of S. Pedro Alcantara. Bermudez praises his statues for their grand character and for the breadth and freedom of their draperies.




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