James Cavanah Murphy
architect; d. September 12, 1814.
Murphy practised in Dublin in 1786. In 1788 he went to Portugal to make the illustrations for Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Views of the Church of Batalha (London, 1703-1795, folio). His chief work is The Arabian Antiquities of Spain, with description by T. H. Horne (London, folio, 1813- 1816).

Humphrey Repton
landscape gardener; b. May 2, 1752; d. March 24, 1818.
He was the first to adopt the title of Landscape Gardener, and published numerous works on parks and gardens. A great part of this material was republished in one volume by London in Repton's Landscape Gardening and Landscape Architecture, 1 vol. 8vo., 1840.

1786.06.10 supression of the old cemetery of the Innocents on the corner of the Rue Saint-Denis and the Rue aux Fers, Paris




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