Niels Dam
architect; b. October 15, 1761 (at Copenhagen).
He won, at the Academy of Copenhagen, the silver medal in 1784, the larger gold medal in 1791, and, in 1804, the travelling stipend. In 1818 he published Noget om den borgerliche Bygningskunst for Bygmestre.

John Rennie, F.R.S., F.S.A.
engineer; b. June 7, 1761; d. October 4, 1821.
He was born in Scotland and educated in Edinburgh. In 1780 he removed to London. Rennie built in London the Waterloo Bridge, begun October 11, 1811, and dedicated on the second anniversary of the battle of Waterloo, June 18, 1817; whence its name. He built the Southwark Bridge, London, begun 1814, and designed the new London Bridge, which was built after his death by his son Sir John Rennie (see Rennie, Sir J., and Peter of Colechurch).



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