Thomas Fuller
architect; b. 1822 (in England); d. September 28, 1898 (at Ottawa, Canada).
Fuller was articled to an architect in London, and assisted J. R. Brandon in the preparation of his works on Gothic architecture. He practised in the West Indies and in Canada, and in 1863 took charge of all government buildings at Ottawa. In 1868 Fuller and Laver were chosen (by competition) architects of the capitol at Albany, New York, and held that position until they were superseded by H. H. Richardson, Eidlitz, and Olmsted. In 1881 he was appointed chief architect of the Dominion Government, and held that office until 1897.

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes
painter and decorator; b. December 14, 1824; d. October 24, 1898.
The greater part of his education as painter was received from Henri Scheffer, a brother of Ary Scheffer. He studied for brief periods with Delacroix and Thomas Couture. His life was occupied with a series of mural paintings, the most important of which are scenes from the life of S. Genevieve at the Pantheon of Paris, the decorations of the museum at Lyons, of the museum of Amiens, of the Sorbonne (Paris), and of the Public Library, Boston.




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