Cologne Cathedral (Cologne: begun 1284; completed 1824-80).

In association with Semper, Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer designed at Vienna the Museums of Art and Natural History, built between 1872 and 1884.

Fox Chase
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Frank Furness, Architect

Knowlton remained a private residence for 110 years. Now, with Conroy Catering as the estate's new owner (as of 1997), the main house will be converted into a facility available for private events.

Front elevation.

Side elevation with the main entrance under the great sloping roof.

View toward the stables.

Rear elevation and the adjacent stable.
There is a distinct difference in character between the the front and the rear of Knowlton. The front, with its large pyramidal roof and overhangs, settles like an enormous tent within a wooded landscape. The rear of the house is a soaring four-story wall buttressed with a stone bay window.

Side elevation facing the stable.

Caretakers cottage.




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