20110501   site plan working data   2135i01

19122001   Surface Building 1 group elevations Pyramids of Gizeh Beauvais Cathedral Seagram Building City Tower CCTV Eiffel Tower Capital Park West   2470i26

19071501   Neuschwanstein plan elevation Arch of Constantine Eiffel Tower Gateway Arch elevations Philadelphia City Hall plan   2125i01

19022602   Great Pyramid Beauvais Cathedral Eiffel Tower Seagram Building City Tower Capital Park West CCTV elevations   2060i26   b

19022502   Great Pyramid Beauvais Cathedral Eiffel Tower World Trade Center Towers tallest of their time elevations   2060i23

18032604   Great Pyramid Beauvais Cathedral Washington Monument Eiffel Tower Chryler Building Empire State Building World Trade Center Towers Sears Tower Hancock Tower elevations   2060i20

16061405   tallest of thier time Washington Monument fixed   2060i17

14122107   site plan 1100x550 IQ1 context   2135i00

13100301   Pantheon Arch of Constantine Eiffel Tower plan, models   206fi15

12012306   scale comparison   2060i07

09032002   IQ Palace of Versailles plans Eiffel Tower model   2092i03
09032001   Palace of Versailles plan Eiffel Tower model   2092i02

09031901   Eiffel Tower model   2419i12

051007b   elevation tallest of their time   2060i03 3136