Stephen Lauf

Clay Workers Co-op     Philadelphia

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2013.05.31 21:06
31 May
A personal excursus of reenactionary architecturism:

Leon Krier, La Villette, 1976

Stirling/Wilford, Dresdner Bank, 1977

Lauf, House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1979
a competition judged by James Stirling, not submitted

Lauf, Clay Workers Co-op, 1979

Lauf, House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1980

Arcadia, Public space planning study for Philadelphia City Planning Commission, 1989

2013.05.29 21:59
29 May

Initial schematic diagram of 1979 school project; ultimate design lost most of the initial strength

Investigating the implications of the diagram 34 years later:




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