Form 000


cutting-edge design
...new ways to generate weird geometries:
1. use solid rotate, but not using the normal polar axis of rotation--I suspect that angled axes will create very weird latticed geometrics, and if the rotated line segment is also angled, then the produced variety of shapes is all the more infinite.
2. use solid extrude, but again not using the line of extrusion in a strict polar fashion. Moreover, the original lines being extruded do not have to be on the same flat plane either.
4. extrude and rotate wireframes that are already in 3d--this may prove to be completely ground-breaking, and even revolutionary.

3D play
I played today, for a couple of hours, with the 3d rotate area command and the results were very good. I am now indeed inspired to experiment/play with much more intent. I am thinking that I may, with further practice, actually master the process and in turn begin to create cutting-edge designs.
Once I have created the forms, I will begin applying them to my other models, especially the Philadelphia model. I am also thinking that I could incorporate the free forms into a whole new design motif/style, i.e., and oddball mixture of topology and wacko and traditional.
While playing with form creation and then creating h-lines, I started to wonder if the odd overlay and tangle of grids might make some sort of interesting plan formation. The possibilities for me to use this new data creation are numerous. Eventually, I think it would be fantastic to create a whole city of these forms.




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