Palais des Congrès: Roof/Architectural Promenade

10.1 Palais des Congrès, 1964. Le Corbusier. Aerial perspective.
10.2 Villa Stein de Monzie, 1927. Le Corbusier. Aerial perspective.
10.3 Villa Savoye, 1929. Le Corbusier. Aerial perspective.
10.4 Wallraf-Richartz Museum, 1975. James Stirling. Aerial perspective with roof removed to show the auditorium/theater.

The architectural promenade reaches its goal in the roof garden/solarium--the path has ascended to the sky. The bridges and ramps of the Villa Stein de Monzie, the Villa Savoye, and the Palais des Congrès all culminate in a 'room' that is open to the sun and the stars.

Although the route through the Wallraf-Richartz Museum does not end in a roof garden, it is nonetheless noteworthy that the path ends on a large balcony platform in the shape of a cloud.



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