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Mausoleum of Theodoric at Ravenna, now Sta. Maria della Rotunda. Sixth Century

Mausoleum of Theodoric at Ravenna

1. Plan of the lower story.

2. Plan of the upper story with the two staircases.

3. Elevation of the mausoleum on the side of the entrance. The arches of the lower story are peculiar in construction; the stones are dovetailed into each other, ad shown more at large, pl. 71/37.

4. Section through the entrance, showing the two stories.

5. Plan of the dome, thirty-six feet in diameter, of a single block of stone, from the quarries of Istria. The twelve handles at the side have served to suspend and elevate this enormous block; on the center are six holes, by which is supposed to have been fixed the Sarcophagus which contained the heart of Theodoric, engraved at No. 15 of the last plate.

6. Impost moulding of the arches of the lower story, and architrave of the entrance door.

7. Profile of the same.

8. Architrave and cornice of the doorway to the upper story.

9. Profile of the same.

10. Ornamen and profile of the mouldings of the panels under the archies of the upper story.




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