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Different Edifices erected at Rome and Naples   Thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

1. Fašade of the palace of St. Mark, called of Venice, at Rome; fifteenth century. This vast edifice is the work of Paul II, Pietro Barbo, of Venice, who commenced it when he was only cardinal, and continued and added to it in 1464, when he was made pope. It was erected from the designs of Giuliano de Maiana, architect and sculpture of Florence.

2. Portion of one of the wings of this building, on a larger scale.

3. Interior view of the court of the same palace.

4. One of the columns, with its pedestal and entablature, from the court on the ground floor.

5. General view of the palace from the Corso.

6-7. Elevations and ground plan of the Palace of Poggio Reale, built near Naples by Giuliano de Maiano.

8-10. Plans of the basement and first and second stories of the Tower of Sta. Clara at Naples. (1328-Renaissance).

11. Elevation of the Tower of Sta. Clara, Naples, commenced in 1328 from the design of Tomaso de'Stefani, called Masuccio II; the two upper stories, C and D, were not completed till the beginning of the seventeenth century.

12. Transverse section of the towers, showing the portico of the edifice, erected from the design of Masuccio.

13. Base of column in window B.

14. Small window, with the pointed arch, on the story B.

15. One of the metopes of the Doric frieze on the second, C; the crossed arms carved upon it are armorial bearings of the order of St. Francis, under whose rule were the nuns of Sta. Clara.

16. Ionic capitals of the pilasters of the story marked D.

17. Doric capitals of the second story.

18. One of the consoles of the cornice of the windows of the third story.

19-20. Elevation and section of a doorway to the court of the Church of Sta. Clara, by Masuccio II.

21. Arches of the cloister of the Church of Sta. Clara, by Masuccio II.

22. One of the windows of the Church of St. John at Carbonara, Naples, by the same Masuccio II.

23. Principal arch of the interior of the Church of St. Laurence, Naples, by the same.

24. Great arch, still seen at Foggio in the kingdom of Naples; the only remains of a palace built in 1223, by order, and even under the direction of Frederick II.




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