In the future, everything will be a museum

2012.12.23 16:31       23 December       The walls and columns of the Palace of Ottopia extruded 10 feet tall.

  Sometimes as blue foam study model. etc.

2012.12.23 17:30
23 December
the actual genealogy: 2305d

...the pliancy of the Palace of Ottopia is more a demonstration of the drawing pliancy that "laissez-faire" CAD manipulation allows. Yes, the Danteum is there, but so is Hejduk's Bye House, a bit of Perruzzi's Palazzo Massimo and a little bit of myself. Also, the gemmating Danteum plans allude to Eisenman (Aronoff).

...and the gash paths, designed for lots of pacing, evoke OMA's McCormick Tribune Campus Center at IIT.




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