The roof plan becomes the paving pattern of the ground level/courtyard...

2013.02.14 11:22
14 February
Here's my CAD diary from last month:

13012002.db Casa Unbekannt 001, perspectives, axonometrics

13012001.db Casa Unbekannt 001, model

13011701.db iq11, Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum, Danteum, Basilica Maxentius/Canstantine

13011601.db Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum, plan scan, final registration, iq11

13011501.db Danteum, Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine, Colosseum, Temple of Venus and Rome, site plan

13011301.db Circus of Maxentius, etc., site plan, not finished

13011201.db architecture of the 4th century, plans

13010804.db Domenican Convent @ Vivaria Fulvii, model, 2700x1800

13010803.db Domenican Convent @ Vivaria Fulvii, site segment 2700x1800, iq02, plan data




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