The Plays of Nicholas Breakspear

27 October

2013.10.27 10:55

Of course, the Baroque style continued beyond Bernini--I believe even the double porticos of St. Peter's Square were done after the above performance. All the same, Bernini's theatrical performance manifests the Baroque's consummate ending. Within his double theater Bernini capsulized the beginning of Western culture's new bifurcation of the real and the illusory, introduced mirroring as a henceforth dominant (post) Baroque (stylistic) theme, and, at base (or should I say at the ultimate end), inverted reality into a reenactment of its own illusory mirror (-- is this perhaps also the genesis of historiography?).

...the role that the diaphragm plays in birth. This relates to pregnancy. The plane of the present passes through the area of pregnancy between the years 770 A.D. and 3090 A.D. The diaphragm occurs in the human body, the Timepiece, at the same time that pregnancy ends and birth occurs. This birth then occurs and coincides with the transition from metabolism to osmosis.




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