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Perhaps the Vanna Venturi House will someday move to a whole other neighborhood.
No gnashing of teeth and tearing out of hair and explosive cognoscenti-driven controversy in the virtual realm. Just fun.

2015.07.16 13:24
The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
Perhaps the new owners will build a new house that will enclose the Vanna Venturi House.

Learning from houses under a common roof, even.

2015.07.16 15:23
17 July
Just received Ingrid Böck's Six Canonical Projects by Rem Koolhaas: Essays on the History of Ideas is the mail, and, while quickly going through the book page by page, I began to think that this book might just be a 21st century ice-breaker. Granted, there's still the lots of reading to be done, but I suspect the text, like Towards a New Architecture and Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture, will prove to be canonical itself.
I'm going to start by reading the "Conclusion".

2015.07.16 17:59
The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
It would make a perfect mausoleum. Like a smaller version of this.

Don't forget:
Q: What comes after museum?
A: Pre-shrine.

2015.07.17 11:43
17 July
What's missing...? What's next...?
Towards New Architectures of Short-Lived Conditions
Short-Lived Conditions versus Sustainability within Architectures

2015.07.18 17:12
The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
Institutional green was indeed a Venturi favorite.

2015.07.18 17:23
The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
Is that a mock or a mock-up? I can't tell.

2015.07.18 17:51
The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
And how come no one ever mentions the secret basement?




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