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Encountering the negativity of language at the heart of language becomes the process of tearing away the empty jargons of our contemporary political life, exposing them through presenting the taking place of language and through attempting to find a space in which to move beyond that fundamental negativity.
In the face of the ecomonic structure of production and consumption, all engagement with socio-political objectives would only reveal their complete inadequacy.
The book shows that either close reading has a limited repertoire of abilities or we need new forms of close reading. [Piranesi] once [actually never] claimed that the basic devices of all fantastic [architecture] are only four in number: the work within the work, the contamination of reality by dream, the voyage in time, and the double.

2015.07.30 17:06
Art college professor suggests makeover for brutalist Boston City Hall
...your example of eating grapefruit or eating sand is simply inane. It's no different than saying humans prefer to eat edibles rather than inedibles, or saying humans prefer listening to something audible rather than something inaudible. If you really want to understand human nature look at human physiology where there are several dominant operations: fertility, assimilation, metabolism, electromagnetism, osmosis and omni-frequency. These operations are indeed innate both physically and mentally. Also look at human morphology which literally manifests the design and structure of human nature. To really understand human nature just look at the morphology and physiology of the human body itself.

2015.07.30 17:48
Art college professor suggests makeover for brutalist Boston City Hall
The fact that humans (especially prior to Western hegemony) inhabited virtually every different type of environment that is available on this planet shows me that there really is no innate preference for one environment over another. As such, the very notion of 'preference' is a cultural distinction, and not an innate characteristic of human nature.
All you're really doing is trying to justify your preference for a very limited segment of Western culture as some sort of universal innate human trait.

2015.07.31 08:41
Art college professor suggests makeover for brutalist Boston City Hall
What's funny about New Urbanism is that it's so obviously not everyone's preference.

2015.07.31 18:30
Art college professor suggests makeover for brutalist Boston City Hall
Also, regarding "old urbanism" in the USA, the automobile did not replace the pedestrian as much as it replaced the horse and carriage.

2015.08.07 14:29
The End of History?
working title: Quondam Times

2015.08.13 11:51
What's good architecture?
There is bad architecture that doesn't bankrupt an individual or city.
There is bad architecture that doesn't leak.
There is bad architecture that protects the health safety and welfare of people.
There is bad architecture that doesn't heat up the planet or waste resources.




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