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I see reenactionary architecturism here in a funny kind of way. Given Le Corbusier's admiration of grain silo architectures, can the Tomb of Eurysaces be seen as an unlikely precursor of the whole "box raised on pilotis" paradigm? The holes in the tomb 'box' also remind me of Koolhaas' House in Bordeaux, which is indeed a reenactionary riff off the 'box raised on pilotis' paradigm.

2005.12.09 16:13 (here at archinect/forum)
Schachtel Architektur

Holes (in architecture) seems to be a subset of the more general notion of circles on a building surface. (kinda)

And don't forget Kahn's bold geometry surface cut-outs, and then Venturi's riffs:

the O of BASCO, ha!

Followed by what Gordon Matta Clark did.

And then there's the circle application as field condition:

Alison Smithson, Patterns of association - Each district with a different function, 1953




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