The only architectural collage actually in the book Collage City is the frontispiece

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2012.05.22 14:55
the ethics of parametricism/emergent architectural thought and reification
noubtree, then what is relavent to process, parametrics or emergence?
For me personally, ethicality is not an issue because I'll freely admit to using "parametrics" just to see what geometries might emerge, especially by stepping outside of the "expected" process.
Do you perhaps see 'process' and 'design', with regard to parametrics/emergence, as the same thing?

2012.05.22 13:06
kids today
I'd blame the competitive, fearful-of-not-being-relevant-or-avant-garde-enough academic environment before I'd blame the students themselves. And if you look at those that are actually "teaching" this stuff, they're more like propagandists (and maybe even software salepersons) than teachers.
But don't really pay any attention to me. I'm currently in the midst of building a designed bookshelf into what used to be a closet. The parameters (of the closet walls) are like a constant nightmare where nothing is as it first appears. I carefully measure things out, go out the garage to saw the pieces, go back in to place the pieces, and, all too often, I have to shout, "Where the fuck did that 1/8 inch gap come from?!?"

2012.05.22 12:40
the ethics of parametricism/emergent architectural thought and reification
tammuz is talking about a process that is otherwise not discussed. In terms of ethicality, what tammuz is suggesting is that the process that is said to be used is not what is actually being done. In a sense, tammuz is asking whether the practitioners of "parametricism/emergent architecture" are being true to themselves, and in turn being true to the rest of the architectural community. Does not being untrue to oneself and the community at large harbor an ethical dilemma?
To just say "process" does not appear to be an adequate tool for having a conversation or drawing conclusions about parametrics/emergence. Read a bit more what? And think a bit more about what?

2012.05.22 10:52
the ethics of parametricism/emergent architectural thought and reification
noubtree, what do you see as the adequate tools for having a conversation or drawing conclusions about parametrics/emergence?

2012.05.22 09:41
the ethics of parametricism/emergent architectural thought and reification
Let me add another facet (writing here on the fly, so it may not be all too coherent). Besides the mimicry of a myth (so to speak), is not the whole process of getting the 'code' just the way you want it--the continual tests and retests--also something like an inverted (if you will) form of mimicry: "I know what I want it to look like; I just have to find the right parameters." Or, put in a way (hopefully) like above: "I know what nature I want it to look like, but I still have to figure out the right numbers."
In the little bit of parametrics I've dabbled with, using very old (1996) software, I found that using "numbers" that were outside the 'expected' parameters resulted in the most 'novel' results.

A very early example of the 'playing', 2000.
Does it still just boil down to a sophisticated play of/with geometry?

And adding the 'unexpected' thinking, imagine the image above as the 2-dimentional 'grid' plan of a city. It's like actually stepping out of the mimicry.

2012.05.21 14:25
Need help identifying a building drawing! Please!
...the Pella Palace and its connection to the Versailles design by Boullée is actually something that I did not know of before today. I've known of the Boullée Versailles design for maybe like five years now--soon after... ...a link to the Lequeu collection at the French library website--I looked to see what else architectural was within the French library website and found all the Boullée drawings. The Versailles redesign was a project I've never seen before (I own several books on Boullée), and thus found it to be most intriguing. I posted it here, in this specific thread, to see if anyone might spontaneously (ie, without a web search) know the design. A game within a game, you might say. Viva homo ludens!

2012.05.21 12:24
Need help identifying a building drawing! Please!
Oh my goodness! What a coincidence! Asking about an identification within a thread where the original answer is Boullée, and then the second answer is also Boullée! How could I have not already guessed the correct answer myself?!? And what makes this even more embarrassing for me is that I am a direct (sic--from the illegitimate side of the family) descendent of Étienne-Louis Boullée--I even have his exact nose! So you could even say the answer was right in front of me the whole time! Oh the ignominy!!!
What would the world of architecture do without all the so-smart people here at archinect forum???

2012.05.21 11:06
Need help identifying a building drawing! Please!
calculator, thank you, but I'm sure it is not a Fontaine design. My grand-daughter is currently writing her PhD dissertation on the obscure works of Fontaine, and she assures me that the Versailles redesign is not by Fontaine. Moreover, the drawing is dated 1783 (when Fontaine was just 21). There is a strange (almost cryptic) script on the back of the jpeg:
"Dated 1783, the renovation of the Palace of Versailles was commissioned by Louis XVI replied that [pixelated] and several of his colleagues. The general distribution of the Palace is the subject of a very thorough discussion. She asked, according [pixelated], "a great step, especially free and noble. ” "The" Returns "or detours within the apartments are avoided and the path that follows a concerted progress, should provide a vivid demonstration of royal grandeur:" This is after covering a multitude of large rooms filled with most brilliant productions of art, the viewer, who expects nothing more beautiful, just to discover a place so superior to everything he saw, he is amazed and filled with admiration of his greatness and its magnificence. "
b3tadine[sutures], the image was sent to me via anonymous email with the message: "You think you're so smart. I b3t you don't even know who designed this. You're just an old fart."
Surely someone here can help me!




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