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2013.11.03 10:37
Sense of Scale and the Digital Age of Architecture
... if you're having a problem with a perception and understanding of architectural scale, I don't think digital media is to blame.
When I was in school, like 35 years ago, whenever I wasn't sure whether what I was drawing was too big or too small, I would quickly draw a plan of my drawing table (3'x6') next to the plan I was drawing. I could thus more easily gauge my planning decisions via comparison with a dimension I knew intimately. I can still quickly do the same type of scale comparison via digital media, although now far more enhanced.

This is a plan of the room I'm presently working in:

Here's the room in 3D:

Here's the room within the Villa Rotunda, which is within the plan I'm currently working on:

Here's more of the drawing I'm currently working on:

Here's the full extent of the drawing:

In many ways, architectural scale is a comparative study, and digital media has made 1::1 comparison easy.



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