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2012.03.23 21:32
Re: Traditional Architecture
It's time for me enlarge/combine both my houses.

The program is simple: add lots more period rooms.

2012.03.24 09:20
Re: Traditional Architecture
5th Year Studio Projects, Fall 1980, critics: Allen Greenberg, John Christopher Knowles.
Seeds of what ultimately became Quondam 1996.
3133 elements for a House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel
3134 schematic sketches

3135 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel
3120o transformations
3120p Court Gardner's House - Römischer Bäder :: Museum of Architecture
3120q museumification
3120r Museum of Architecture, Venice
3120s their respective positions throughout the museum.
3120t Museum of Architecture : : Fragment Museum
In preparation for a forthcoming Quondam exhibition of "The Philadelphia School," just yesterday I began (re)reading Scully's Louis I. Kahn (1962) where we see Kahn's early 1920s Beaux Arts architectural education being somewhat of a hindrance during the 1930s and 1940s, but then significantly informing the beginnings of his mature design work from the 1950s onward. And, by the late 1950s we begin to see the influence of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius, e.g. First Unitarian Church, scheme 1, 1959; Salk Institute Meeting House, 1959; Bristol Town Hall, 1960.



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