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2013.01.15 12:38
The quest for Architectural Theory
Hint (of recent architectural theory/practice): less (homogeneity) is more (diversity).

2013.01.21 12:07
I can't tell

Is this 1999 Deterritorialized Baroque via Deconstructivism?
Or 1999 Reterritorialized Deconstructivism via the Baroque?

Steven Holl, Tianjin Ecocity Ecology and Planning Museums, 2013

Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking, scheme 1, 2007.09.22

Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking, scheme 3, 2007.09.22
Yes Virginia, the Pre-Raphaelites came after Raphael.
But what comes before Pre-Shrine?
Museumpeace, of course.

Quondam, Yin/Yang Compare/Contrast Museum/Pre-Shrine, 2013.01.21

...maybe even a floor plan.

2013.01.27 10:01
DEconstructivism and Baroque..
As to...
"However, baroque was obviously much more successfully extensive in domain and in its reign. I think deconstructivism came at a time when we had a very retrospective idea of forcing the "zeitgeist" upon itself. Very typical in our then increasingly capitalist world (I dont think it is possible to be increasingly so anymore, after the 80s and 90s of the last century). There are no more actual movements after minimalism and deconstructivism, in my opinion. We now have individual architects and architectural firms. Even in music, after atonality and minimalism, there are just composers."
... perhaps the Zeitgeist has been subsumed by the continuum.

2013.01.28 21:20
Has Richard Meier's work morphed much over the years in your opinion?
Kind of like one language fits all.

2013.01.29 09:21
Has Richard Meier's work morphed much over the years in your opinion?
Has the language morphed much? No.
Nor has the vocabulary been added to much over the years.
It's an insular language, but any program can be written in it.
It's easily enough understood by virtually anyone anywhere, but, no matter where, it's virtually always foreign.

Even the tattoo is "one language fits all."

2013.01.29 15:28
Has Richard Meier's work morphed much over the years in your opinion?
"And the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Most Non-Indigenous Architecture Anywhere goes to..."

2013.01.29 09:49
Jerde-designed mixed-use destination in Moscow begins construction
Ah, the Khrushchev finally visits Disneyland style.
Overall, I think it's not Russian enough, but, who knows, maybe it's the Russians that are behind global warming, because they may well profit from it.
Bombs do not choose. They will hit everything.
--Nikita Khrushchev
If you cannot catch a bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.
--Nikita Khrushchev

2013.01.31 16:35
Foster + Partners works with European Space Agency to 3D print structures on the moon

Perhaps further inspiration can be gleaned from Isamu Noguchi and Louis I. Kahn...

The ultimate in deterritorialization (and reterritorialization) even!



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