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2000.01.16 14:14

Brian asks:
So real architecting uses the real scale, and virtual architecting uses the virtual scale.... could you define the 'real scale' and 'virtual scale', so that I can hyperlink to these definitions...?

Steve replies:
At this point I'd rather not define 'real scale' and 'virtual scale' because I don't want to be definitive right now. I'd rather wait and see what (if anything) others think these terms might mean. I believe there is a certain obviousness to what I meant within the context of my use of the terms, i.e., the scale used to generate building documents versus the now "world wide" implications of designing electronic/digital media systems (be they computer operating systems, web sites, entertainment corporations, or even email lists, etc.).

Real scale deals primarily with physical limits and the coordinated representation/manifestation of those limits, while in virtual scale limits are 'fluid' and/or 'meandering' and/or 'oscillating' and/or 'undulating', etc..

It would seem then that the difference between real scale and virtual scale is in how each scale respectively treats and/or renders limits. Real scale and virtual scale do not treat or render different realities, however, because all reality is relative to the limit of its container.



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