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Who on Archinect would you have a coffee with?

2018.12.10 21:10

2018.12.11 20:49
Since a real coffee together will probably never happen, let's do it here and now. I'm curious as to whether we have anything in common outside of archinect/forum. Otherwise, this time a year ago you felt that you no longer had "a mountain to climb." Have you found a new "mountain?" I have a whole chain of mountains (mostly of my own making) that I've started to climb but never finished. And, somewhat stupidly, when I make a new mountain to climb, it's almost always bigger than the last one I made, and more than likely I won't make it to the top there either. Do you think, maybe, by making ever bigger mountains all I'm really doing is making bigger and bigger valleys?!?

I find that Iím currently walking down the mountain. Just not happy with the profession and all the negativity surrounded by it. Iím trying to do something about it.

The reason I mentioned you was because a comment you made in a Q&A thread someone posted awhile back. It struck a chord with me one of your responses. Also always intrigued by your website and wanted to learn more about it.

2018.12.13 12:20
You may have to make your own mountain, something that's about your own interests and not something that's going to make your job a better experience. No doubt it's tough to do other stuff in addition to a full time architectural job, but your job and your mountain are possibly not going to be the same thing anymore. For me, the mountain has always been some sort of creative or learning endeavor--deciding in 1987 to redraw Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius via CAD is one example; it took me over 20 years to actually finish it, but I learned so many things I never knew before along the way including the discovery that Piranesi actually rendered two different versions of the large plan. Lebbeus Wood's career trajectory also exemplifies a personal project that started outside of his initial architectural job--and note how Wood's project/mountain mostly involved the generation of somewhat unprecedented architectural drawings. Chris Teeter's blog here within archinect was also a personal project (outside of his business) that he devoted special/extra attention to--he told me himself how much effort he put into it and it meant a great deal to him. I suppose making your mountain(s) is just one way to go, but the creative effort it takes to imagine/conceptualize what the mountain is already puts the challenge in the right direction. Regarding, that's now over 22 years old, and it remains an ongoing (personal) attempt at manifesting a virtual museum of architecture. And regarding that Q&A, I can only assume that naming celosia cristata as my favorite flower is not what struck a chord with you (or maybe it actually was that).

Thanks for you insight. You are wise and You are right on making your own mountain. I need to do that. Iím just not sure what that is yet.
No it wasnít the celosia cristata :)

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