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Franklin's Footpath

Gene Davis (1920-1985)
Franklin's Footpath
paint on asphalt
393.3 x 80 feet
as pictured in Life magazine 16 June 1972

With 12 miles of masking tape, 400 gallons of special paint and a lot of stooping, artist Gene Davis created the world's largest painting. It covers a 31,464-square-foot parking area at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and may last five years.

2002.10.16 11:47
art and architecture 30 years ago

The world's largest painting--Franklin's Footpath--by Gene Davis on the parking lot in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art--31464 square feet, 12 miles of masking tape used, 400 gallons of special paint. As predicted, it lasted about 5 years. I fondly remember walking over it often. Oh boy, now I'm dreaming reenactment.



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