iron molecule

iron molecule
1958 Atomium reenacts the iron(?) molecule

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The ATOMIUM in Brussels, Belgium
This monument from 1958 has become the Eiffel Tower of Brussels. The Atomium is the visual representation of the concept of an "atom". It symbolizes an elementary iron crystal with its 9 atoms and magnified 150 billion times. It honored the metal and iron industry and the belief in the atomic power. The architect was André Waterkeyn. It took 18 months to conceive and another 18 months to construct. The monument is coated with aluminum, weighs 2,400 tons and is 102 meters high. Each sphere has a diameter of 18 meters. An elevator takes visitors to the upper sphere where one can enjoy a panoramic view of the Heysel area and (if the weather is good) the city of Brussels. There is also a good buffet-restaurant (Chez Adrienne) in the upper sphere. In the other spheres expositions are organized. They can be visited by means of escalators. In the coming years the monument will undergo cleaning and restoration. was indeed a pleasure to spend one of my last meals of this century with a group of architects I've never met before within a reenactment of the iron crystal. And how about the 'scale' of that thing: 1 :: 150,000,000,000

2002.05.28 10:18
Re: old sites apposed with a new rite
Could it be that the Atomium is the most oversized reenactment presently on this planet?



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