380 BC

Greek Polychromy

380 BC Greek Polychromy
1928 pedimental sculpture group at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

2002.07.15 11:38
Re: Étant Donnés' Back Door, etc.
Does Daniels write at all about the classical sculptural group within the (exterior) museum pediment above and on axis with the window to the Duchamp gallery at the PMA? This sculptural group, a rare reenactment of classical antique polychromy, represents sacred and profane love via mythological characters. I've been wondering whether Duchamp knew of the symbolism of this group while he was arranging the interior disposition of the Arensberg collection, and specifically the room for the Duchamp collection, and hence the specially installed window.
In any case, I like to think of The Large Glass as a confirming furtherance of the sacred/profane love axis at the PMA. (I wonder where Yara is these days.)




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