Hejduk reenacting Le Corbusier

1964- Hejduk reenacting Le Corbusier
Reenactment with a twist, is that what Hejduk's architecture is really all about?
Durand next to Hejduk's books

2003.05.28 11:20
Re: story telling
Piranesi very much utilized/executed a 'narrative' approach to design via the Ichnographia Campo Marzio, which predates Cooper Union/Hejduk by about two centuries. Moreover, Piranesi's approach may well have been inspired/influenced by the mnemonic design methodology of Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli, which comes from 1900 years ago. Story telling/weaving/fabricating (like the above) is a very basic form of reenactionary architecturism.
Is reenactionary architecturism essentially an architecture that does not forget?

Hejduk architecture (early, e.g., Bye House) as ongoing reenactment of Le Corbusier, specifically the Carpenter Center at Harvard.




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