Gordon Wu Hall

1983 Gordon Wu Hall
1990 Fisher and Bendheim Hall

new set of ideas
Church of the New Jerusalem as reenactment architecture since it is a true "Gothic" masonry structure. I will note the reduced scale and the deliberate "design" to make nothing perfect, as if to say mortals cannot reenact God's perfection. I took pictures of the church 2000.03.06.
The architecture I was working on (the Clay Studio project) at the time of Otto's accident in 1980. Thinking back now, I could well say that I was reenacting Stirling's Marburg Bank design. I think I'm now going to construct a computer model of the bank as an important part of the "exhibit". Of course, this exhibit means I will have to put together a display of my clay studio drawings/designs.
Venturi reenactment at Princeton -- In taking pictures at Princeton yesterday, I saw a real contextual disparity between Wu Hall and the other Wu Hall like building next to the late-modern library. Should Venturi have reenacted the "white" formalist aesthetic of the library rather than easily (facile-ly?) repeat Wu Hall and the collegiate Gothic motifs? Regarding the two lab buildings, does the new lab reenact the older lab? (anyway, all the Venturi labs are variations on a theme.
Reenactments at U of P--I see the MG parking garage reenacting Kahn's Richard's Medical Towers, and the large clerstory at the new Venturi lab reenacting the large (upper) clerstory of the Furness Library tower.




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