Subsequent Steps: The Architecture of Reenactment

2000 Subsequent Steps: The Architecture of Reenactment

2001.08.27 09:59
Re: hi!
In the meantime, what I'm going to do with the (incomplete) Chandigarh data is first display all the data at quondam, and then begin finishing the overall capital complex design in 3d, but not by following Le Corbusier's design, rather by loosely following principles of reenactment. I find reenactment a quite handy generator of truth.

2007.11.30 07:35
practical Delanda
metamechanic, in my world, you're reenacting the above pyramid 100%, i.e., you're missing the point.
From: Stirling's Inheritance
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From: Stirling's Inheritance
To: Stirling's Legacy
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Part II
to see that reenactment and novelity within architectural design are not mutually exclusive. Nor does reenactment inhibit possibilities, rather, it engenders possibilities--much like a "second chance" where you can choose to do things differently. I wonder, is that what Repetition and Difference is really all about, subsequent chances?

2008.07.05 10:27
Can you say canonical?
...read the 'Introduction' and be aware of Eisenman's ongoing oppositional reenactment of Colin Rowe's analytical method (which ultimately reaches farce in the analysis of the 10th canonical building).
One could almost describe Eisenman's whole architectural design career as one oppositional reenactment after another, finally punctuated with bursts of intense originality (like the Max Reinhardt Haus, Haus Immendorf and the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences).

2013.05.18 11:36
Is Michael Maltzan the greatest American architect actively practicing?
Here's a twist: "In the future, everyone will be the greatest for fifteen minutes."
Like tiorted relates, the work overall has a discernible genealogy. For example, in the SF State Performing Arts center we see OMA's Casa da Musica on top of the stretched promenade of OMA's Dutch Embassy, Berlin [and then] all planned out like H&deM's Walker Art Center. Likewise, the New Carver Apartments is very much Aalto's Bremen Apartment Building "come full circle."
In some ways, the work reminds me of early Arquitectonica were one could enjoy picking out the precedents and learn from how the precedents were further 'played' with.
In 2000, I imagined a title, Subsequent Steps: The Architecture of Reenactment, and now I'd put the work of Michael Maltzan in that book.
Again referencing tiorted, "That's not bad--in fact, I sincerely appreciate it. Hundreds of others do it! I want to start doing it more!"




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