John Wilton-Ely

Utopia or Megalopolis? The Ichnographia of Piranesi's Campus Martius Reconsidered

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Unlike the works of other fantasists, Piranesi's visionary compositions often found immediate application by contemporary designers because of their architectural validity. This is particularly evident in the widespread inspiration of the Ichnographia as an anthology of planning concepts for a wide range of architects extending from Adam, George Dance the Younger and Soane to Boullee, Ledoux and Neufforge, to mention only some of the more significant. It might also be added that a certain legacy from the Ichnographia can also be traced to neo-classical planning in Ledoux's Chaux, in Valadier's reorganization of the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, as well as in the monumental breadth of vision in the scheme for Napoleonic Paris by Percier and Fontaine.



Percier and Fontaine




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