le corbusier

how to play dom-inos

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Le Corbusier et Pierre Jeanneret, Oeuvre complčte 1910-1929 (Zurich: 1946), p. 24.

Mass produced houses using the Dom-ino system. Note the Baroque palace plan form.

From this time on the "house-palace" theme came to be developed in Le Corbusier's work at two didderent scales, each with related by separate socio-cultural connotations. The first was the free standing, individual bourgeois villa of Palladian precedent, as exemplified in Le Corbusier's masterly houses of the late 1920's; the second was the collective dwelling, conceived as a baroque palace that was capable of evoking, through the set-back formation of its plan, the ideological connotations of the Utopian Cocialist palace or phalanstery.
Kenneth Frampton, "Le Corbusier and 'l'Esprit Nouveau'" in Oppositions 15-16 (1980), p. 18.




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