Patent Office

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OMA   Patent Office   2004

Social Condenser   1982   Parc de la Villette

Strategy of the Void I   1987   Melun-Senart

Time Erasures   1991   La Defense

Loop-Trick   1987   Kunsthal

Strategy of the Void II   1989   TGB

Stacked Freedoms   1989   ZKM

Inside-Out City   1993   Jussieu Libraries

Disconnect   1994   Cardiff Bay Opera House

Everywhere & Nowhere   1994   Maison Bordeaux

Variable-Speed Museum   1995   The Tate Gallery

Inertness Modified   1997   Universal HQ

Tall & Slender   1996   Hyperbuilding

Skyscraper Loop   2002   CCTV

Cake-Tin Architecture   2002   TVCC

The End of the Road   2003   CBD Beijing



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